About Me

About Me

My name is Chris Kirkland.

I lived on the East Coast of the US for the majority of my life (FL for 12 years, GA for 10 years, and NC for 3 years) but moved to Austin, TX in June 2015. I have been married to my lovely wife Elizabeth since May 2012.

Software Engineer

Currently, I work on the IBM Container service based on Kubernetes. I’ve primarily focused on the core services for service monitoring, alerting, and metric aggregation for all the services which make up the Container service. Previously, I worked on Cloud Performance for two years focusing on the OpenStack Nova and Keystone projects.

Math Nerd

Before joining IBM, I received an MS in Applied Mathematics (conc. Computation Mathematics) from North Carolina State University. My research focus was Symbolic Computation and Algebraic Geometry.

Barbershop Enthusiast

I’ve been singing barbershop since 2012 including 3 years of quartetting with Tucker Street (Raleigh, NC). Currently, I am serving as assistant director and Lead section leader for A Capella Texas. My background is in traditional choral music and solo voice: I sang in the Mercer Singers during my undergrad and studied voice in my spare time.