Cellular Automata (part 2)

Goal Around two months ago, I created a blog post for my weekend project demonstrating 1-dimensional Cellulator Automata; you can see that post here. Since then, I’ve started looking more into more current Web Development technologies including some of the videos from Travis Nielson’s fantastic youtube channel addressing topics in Web Development and full process design. Through those videos, I was introduced to the preprocessing/templating languages Pug (formerly Jade) and Sass for HTML and CSS, respectively.

Cellular Automata

Inspiration It has been several years since I’ve touched any front-end web technologies. Past projects included: Rebuilding the Mercer University Computer Science deparment website. Building a personal website for hosting syllabi, course materials, etc. while teaching in Grad school. This blog; built using Hugo which is technically cheating. So recently I’ve been looking for an excuse to brush up on JavaScript, in particular. The inspiration for this side project came from this video from MPJ’s popular series “Fun Fun Function”; if you haven’t seen any of his videos already, shame on you.